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Un gran enredo

Director: Blake Edwards

Hilarious comedy that tells the story of Spence Holden (Ted Danson), a cinematic extra with conqueror aspirations. When he is filming at a racetrack he will accidentally find out that two criminals are doping a horse. These stupid criminals discover Spence while inserting a huge suppository into the horse. Spence, seeing the opportunity to make money, goes in search of his friend Dennis Powell (Howie Mandel), a waiter on skates of a fast food restaurant for motorists called Dinkie's.  

After much persuasion, Denis gambles his life savings. The two criminals, under instructions from their boss, locate Spence and Dennis when they are collecting the ten thousand dollars they won with their bet. Another chase begins, this time ending in an auction. Denis raises his hand when he shouldn't and buys a player piano. The girl at the auction makes him pay for her all the money he had just won in the races.

On the other hand, a young woman of exotic beauty, Claudia Pazzo (of course ... María Conchita Alonso) is looking for that pianola to give it to her husband. He tracks down Spence and Dennis and convinces them to give him the instrument. It is then that love will intersect in the lives of these two gamblers come down.

Claudia and Spence will have an affair, as will Ellen (Jennifer Edwards) and Dennis. Meanwhile, the Los Angeles police are investigating the death of the doped horse, after winning another race at a racetrack on the other side of town. A series of investigations will lead to the home of mob boss Tony Pazzo (Paul Sorvino), Claudia's husband. Spence and Dennis will also go to that house.

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