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Traición sin límites

Direction: Walter Hill

American action film, released in 1987 and directed by Walter Hill, from a script by Deric Washburn and Harry Kleiner. 

Set in a town on the border with Mexico, it tells the story of two childhood friends, in love with the same woman who betray their relationship and follow two opposite paths.

One of them, Jack Banteen (Nick Nolte), becomes a tough agent of the Texas Rangers who acts according to a code of honor and revenge. The other, Cash Bailey (Power Boothe), is a drug dealer related to the Mexican mafias.

The cast chosen for the filming is completed by the Canadian Michael lronside, in the role of Commander Paul Hackett and our beautiful María Conchita Alonso who plays Sarita Cisneros, the woman who faces the two old friends.

As the time for the confrontation between the two approaches, Paul Hackett, commander of a special operations group, appears on the scene who does not hesitate to betray his men in order to obtain a loot of ten million dollars.


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