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Las Cosas que Hacemos por Amor

The things we do for love was a television series started in 2011, directed by Alfonso Ribeiro and produced by Dan García Productions. The half-hour comedy had a cast that included Alfonso Ribeiro, Tamera Mowry, María Conchita Alonso and James Avery.

Darren (Alfonso Ribeiro) and his wife Lourdes (Tamera Mowry) struggle with the life of newlyweds and their crazy family, Lourdes mother (María Conchita Alonso) and Darren's father (James Avery).

The show is a comedy that focuses on a newly married couple, Darren (Alfonso Ribeiro) and Lourdes (Tamera Mowry-Housley), as they embark on their life as newlyweds while maintaining a family business. Once his overzealous in-laws (Avery and Alonso) move into his house, his life is turned upside down.


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