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The witch

The witch

The Witch / La Bruja
Record Label: Polydor Records
Produced / Arranged and Conducted: Rudy la Scala
Released: 1980
Recording: Estudio del Este - Caracas, Sonus 2000 Caracas and Mammouth Record - Rome
Genre: Electronic, rock
Mix: Mammouth Record - Rome
Art and Photography: Enzo Soliani
All songs written by: Rudy la Scala and Allan jeans
Recording: Mario Luis Quintero, Gustavo Quintero, Alejandro Cornejo and Ricardo Landaeta
Graphic Design & Photos: Enzo Soliani

Songs list:

  1.    The witch

  2.    Lonely is the world

  3.    Mr renny

  4.    I'm ok

  5.    Do you love

  6.    Look up

  7.    Forever Darling

  8.    End of a Dream

  9.    The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  10.    Tati's song  


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