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Benjamin Bratt and Rick Schroder
María Conchita Alonso
María Conchita Alonso
Lucha López

Director: Richard Lang

At the beginning of the 19th century, many Anglo-Saxons settled in the Mexican province of Texas. Over the years the political conflicts between the colonists and the Mexican government increased which led to a war and the independence of Texas.

TEXAS tells the story of the Texas families, the McNabs, the Quimpers and the Garzas. United by family ties and love of the land, but broken because they must decide which side they are on in the brewing conflict in 1836 Texas.

Stephen F. Austin (Dallas Patrick Duffy) is the man hired by the Mexican government to find Americans eager to go south of the border. Jim Bowie (David Keith) wants to control the land. Sam Houston (Tito 'Stacy Keach), Davy Crockett (John Schneider's Dukes of Hazzard). Mattie Quimper (Chelsea Field) is a young widow and her stepson, Yancey (Anthony Michael Hall).

María Conchita Alonso plays Lucha López Garza, a proud Latina, believer in her rights. Driven by her consuming love for her country and for Benito Garza (Benjamin Bratt), they will fight to get rid of the settlers and claim what is theirs.

Live this love story with this captivating actress who appears on the scene in the middle of a warm wind showing her wild mane on the banks of the Rio Grande, with an upright fighter's gaze.

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