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"The Hijacking of School Bus #17"

Terror Inesperado: El Secuestro del Bus Escolar Nro. 17


Director: Paul Schneider

This melodrama is based on a fully documented true story.   The film made its first online appearance on September 13, 1996,  broadcast by the American television network ABC directed by Paul Schneider and starring María Conchita Alonso.

The story is about the hijacking of a school bus by a disturbed man,  Harry Kee (Michael Paul Chan)  who seeks to attract the attention of the authorities  wiring a box of explosives on a school bus full of kids with special needs. Although the children are terrified, Marta Caldwell (María Conchita Alonso) of Cuban origin is in charge of the bus and remains strong and serene throughout the ordeal to help them survive the crisis, including providing comfort and support; however the kidnapper becomes more deranged.


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