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Santos y Pecadores

Saints & Sinners was a series that premiered on March 14, 2007 at 8 pm ET / 7 pm CT on the American television network MyNetworkTV.  


It is a modern-day story of Romeo (Scott Bailey) and Juliet (Tyler Kain) that revolves around two Miami Beach families the Capshaws and the Martins faced by a bitter rivalry. Julia Capshaw is in love with Román Martín, the man accused of killing her father. They find themselves trapped among their families who will stop at nothing to achieve success.


María Conchita this time plays the villain. Mel Harris plays Sylvia Capshaw, Julia's mother. María Conchita Alonso (Diana Martin) and Charles Shaughnessy (August Martin) are Román's parents.  


The climax of the series has Julia and Roman to unmask "El Guerrero" a powerful drug lord, who is the real murderer of the  father of Julia Capshaw Howard.

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