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Director: Scott Anderson

This movie was released in 2008 and our queen plays the corresponding role "Queen Elizabeth" alongside  David Carradine as Buckingham.

Plot: "Now is the winter of our discontent ..." With these timeless words, Duke Richard - lounging on his terrace - sets his murderous plans in motion.  

His goal: eliminate the hated rival Lancaster dynasty, and he will reign as undisputed king. Standing between him and the throne are his brothers Clarence and King Edward, his nephews the Princes, his staunch adversary Queen Elizabeth, and a host of dubious enemies, rivals and allies. In Los Angeles from Shakespeare's "Richard III," violence is the norm: all members of the nobility expect to kill or be killed, according to the LO code duel. They prefer death to dishonor.  

Women in this society are just as dangerous, brave and brutal as men. The York and Lancaster families - rival branches of the former England Studios - exert mobster control of the city and local politics / police. With the help of his sinister adviser Buckingham, Richard will stop at nothing - seduction, bribery, conspiracy and wholesale slaughter - in his bloodthirsty quest, until finally only one adversary remains: his archrival Lord Richmond.

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