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The Tangles of María Conchita

In 1989 María Conchita Alonso stars in a hilarious comedy playing the controversial, fun, independent and beautiful María Conchita Navarro; In other words, it interprets almost itself; a brave motorcyclist in a man's world, Cuban-Venezuelan who left a rich family to come to the United States.  
Starting as a waitress to later  take another shot at the American dream by moving up to a job at the Lukowski Construction Co.

Eventually, she fell in love with and married owner Mike Lukowski (Robert Clohessy), a widower with three children.

Also participating are Mike Lucas (Michael DeLuise) and teenagers Steve and Nick (Billy Morrissette, Justin Whalin), who were at school. Ernie (Dan Hedaya) was the foreman and Bernice (Amy Aquino) was Maria's best friend, a gimmicky waitress.
Broadcast on the NBC network.


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