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sebastian, 1996

Label: Sebastian

Format: Cassette

This release has a supportive history, hence the title.


In 1996, the Sebastian International company dedicated to beauty products and its representative in Costa Rica, SEDESA, donated equipment to save the lives of many small Costa Ricans with heart and lung problems, as part of their Latin American campaign "They are not strange. .. they are our future ", which had the support of the renowned Venezuelan singer María Conchita Alonso.


For his part, the renowned doctor Elías Jiménez Fonseca (RIP), director of the medical center, stressed that help and solidarity with sick children is one of the noblest actions of the human being.


Side 1:

1.- Promesas
2.- Quisiera Espiarte

Side 2:

1.- Ese mañana
2.- Hazme Sentir

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