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The monologues of the vagina is a work written by the American feminist Eve Ensler who has become the epicenter of a non-profit movement that fights against gender violence.

Eve Ensler wrote the first version of this work in 1996, after interviewing more than 200 women about sex, romantic relationships, and domestic violence.



The Vagina Monologues premiered on October 3, 1996 at the HERE Art Center in New York. The original play featured a single actress, Ensler, bringing a dozen characters to life by telling their stories. The age, attitude and mood of the characters vary, but all monologues are related to the vagina, whether it is about sexuality, menstruation, masturbation, orgasm, childbirth, rape or genital mutilation. After the premiere, the play was adapted so that the monologues were performed by three actresses.

The popularity of this work has traveled several countries, and it is in Mexico where María Conchita Alonso has been invited several times to participate, along with Caprice Bourret, Ana María Kamper, Maite Merino, Lidia Ávila, Laura Flores, Andrea Legarreta, Pilar Boliver, Dominika Paleta, María Inés Guerra, Sissi Fleitas, Claudia Álvarez, Salma Hayek, among others.

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