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Mátalos a Todos

killem all

Peter malota
Script credits (in alphabetical order)
Jesse cilio
Brian smolensky
Craig stewart

The new action film will star Jean Claude Van Damme (Philip). Kill'em All (2017), directed by Peter Malota, will feature a great cast, consisting of: Peter Stormare (CIA Agent Holman), María Conchita Alonso (FBI Agent Sanders), Daniel Bernhardt (Radovan),  Autumn Reeser (Suzanne),  Kris Van Damme (Dusan), among others.  
After a tremendous shooting, a mysterious stranger (Van Damme) arrives at a hospital wounded, on the brink of death. There, Suzanne (Autumn Reeser), a nurse, will attend to him. Behind him, a band of heavily armed assassins assault the place with the intention of ending him definitively.
It is important to note that the director, Peter Malota is a great martial arts expert, friend and training partner of Van Damme for many years, he even worked in several films with him, almost always as a villain. You must remember him as a villain in Double Impact, he was also the Spanish fighter in The Quest, villain in The Order, etc.
Peter Malota is an expert in Taekwondo and developed leg flexibility and technique as good as Van Damme himself. He worked as a bodyguard for years, then entered the cinema as a stuntman and actor.

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