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Country of origin and filming:  Panama
  TreeHouse - Panama
Co Production Company:
  VFX -Panamá, MAGMA CINE SRL -Argentina, 212 PRODUCTIONS -USA
Writer / Director:
  Arianne M. Benedetti
  Regina Barletta, Arianne Benedetti
Executive producers:
  Regina Barletta, Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Nathalia Videla Peña
Associate Producer:
  Ingrid Barajas
It is the story of two little brothers who end up living on the streets after the unexpected death of their parents. It's a survival story, with second chances and second hits, but with an unexpected twist of hope at the end.
Our beautiful Cuban-Venezuelan will play “Puchy”, a moody owner of a restaurant. In his first filming he worked with the child protagonist Mike Méndez (Joshua), inside the famous place “Café Coca Cola”, which is located diagonally from Santa Ana Park.

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