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Production: Hugo Carregal

María Conchita Alonso as Marielena
Jean Carlo Simancas as Daniel
Liliana Durán as the widow and millionaire mother of Jean Carlo, Yanis and Grecia
Yanis as the rapist brother
Grecia Colmenares as Daniel's frivolous sister
Zoe Ducós as their grandmother
Caridad Canelón as Marielena's mischievous sister and thanks to that character she jumped to star in Elizabeth
Humberto García as the neighborhood policeman in love with Marielena
Amilcar Rivero debuting as a shoe shine
Yajaira, villain
Marielena's mother was Dilia Waikaran, sick with tuberculosis
The father was Alberto Marín and he drove a bus on the Ruperto Lugo line

Hugo Carregal was the producer of "Marielena",  where along with singing the song, also of his authorship "But what do you want from me",  He was a couple with Caridad Canelón, who in turn made her debut on Radio Caracas Televisión, with the character of Haydee la Propia.
Marielena was a tremendous success of La virgen de los cerros, adapted by Manuel Muñoz Rico and Ligia Lezama. It was the novel that the Conchita / Simancas couple consecrated.  
Marielena was a poor girl who suffers the trauma of being the victim of an injury that marked her life. Fate leads Marielena to meet Daniel,  young, healthy and from a very rich family. Daniel falls in love with her and love grows between them until Marielena discovers that Daniel is the brother of the one who was her perpetrator.
Marielena denounces them both but Daniel turns out to be innocent. Marielena marries Daniel but the marriage is short lived and it is not until after Marielena undergoes therapy with a psychiatrist that she can free herself from the past and thus try to rebuild her life.


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