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Direction: Fausto Verdial

Year: 1981

Script: Fausto Verdial
Music: Amanda Miguel
Cast: María Conchita Alonso, Jean Carlo Simancas, Tatiana Capote, Hilda Abrahamz, Eric Noriega, Carlos Márquez, Amalia Pérez Díaz, Yanis Chimaras, Tomás Henríquez
Production Company: Radio Caracas Television (RCTV)


Luz Marina was the third novel that María Conchita starred in with Jean Carlo Simancas, which in a short time would reach unimaginable audience levels. The two appeared together portrayed on the cover of Vzla. Farándula and the headline read: "Fate was determined, Jean Carlo and María Conchita back together." In a central poster of that magazine (giant poster) they titled him: "María Conchita, the sexiest image on TV."

Derbis Sanabria (Maja from Venezuela), Tatiana Capote (Dorada Alegria) Imperio Zammataro and behind Hilda Abrahamz in the telenovela "Luz Marina" on RCTV
María Conchita Alonso, one of the first misses who successfully ventured into television, played the most charismatic candidate of the Señorita República contest, with models Hilda Abrahamz and Tatiana Capote in competition.  


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