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Love Maniac was the first album by

Maria Conchita Alonso

Love maniac

The Emergence of A´mbar

Album Title: Love Maniac

Record Label: Polydor Records
Produced / Arranged and hosted by: Rudy la Scala
Released: 1979
Recording: Intersonido Studios - Caracas by Michel Chazet & Julio Anides
Mix: Chapell Studios - London by Neil Black (London).
Cover design: Louis Antony
All songs written by: Allan Jeansy


  1. Love maniac

  2. Together to the Heaven or Hell

  3. My sweet lover



The emergence of A´mbar


María Conchita Alonso was already popular in Venezuela, having been crowned Miss Teen Venezuela in 1975. However, local English recording artists were a novelty in Venezuela at the time and skilled musicians feared that the audience would not take her seriously. a female singer. With this in mind, the record company decided not to use the image of María Conchita Alonso on the cover for the promotional single and the release of the song "Love Maniac" was shrouded in mystery.


The marketing strategy paid off and the song went on to become a hit, topped the charts in Venezuela in September of that year.


Love Maniac was María Conchita Alonso's first album. It was released in 1979 in collaboration with the Italian-Venezuelan producer Rudy La Scala, under the nickname A`mbar. The album was recorded in English and the songs were influenced by Donna Summer and other disco artists of the time.


The disc has a similar structure to the early Donna Summer albums, side A includes a 17 minute long version of the album title track. Side B includes the ballad "Together to Heaven or Hell", where Rudy La Scala performs the lead vocals. Also included is the "Sweet System" trilogy, with "My Sweet Lover (Part 1)" and "My Sweet Lover (Part 3)" disco music and "Sweet Lover (Part 2)" which is a slow-paced number with vocals. spoken.


Love Maniac debuted at No. 5 in August 1979, managing in a few weeks to lead the national card, obtaining for September 2 the No. 1 position, staying in the first positions as top 5, oscillating between No. 3 and No. 5 in the following weeks.

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