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La Vida Secreta de Mi Marido

Director: Graeme Clifford

Theresa 'Sissy' Sullivan (Anne Archer), suddenly widowed by a New York police officer and devastated; Nevertheless  loyalty to her husband and the police shakes when she learns the details of her husband's death.  

Tortured by doubt, she begins an investigation into the life that her husband kept secret. In search of the truth, Theresa enlists the help of a former partner of her husband. In this tough battle for justice, she will discover that her husband has not died in the line of duty, as the police department says, but in the bed of another woman.

Theresa  You will also discover corruption within the police force after meeting  Toni Diaz  (María Conchita Alonso) who was linked to the mysterious death of her husband.

Now he will take everything in his hands  in order to get a fairer widow's pension to pay for her daughter's college.


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