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La Princesa y el Chico de Barrio

Director: Tony Plana

Family drama inspired by the classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen.  A teenager dreams of becoming an Olympic swimmer, Sirena (Marisol Nichols) is orphaned of mother and belongs to a wealthy family, she falls in love with Sol (Nicholas Gonzalez), a humble young worker.  

His father Néstor García (Edwards Olmos) intends to marry his perverse girlfriend Minerva (María Conchita Alonso). He is a caring, responsible father, a lonely widower, a somewhat naive boyfriend, and a successful businessman from the bottom up.
While Olmos plays with subtlety, María Conchita Alonso plunges into the role of the devious fiancee, whom her future stepchildren refer to as the sea witch.  
"The Princess and the Barrio Boy" was the first Latin family film produced by Showtime, starring Edward James Olmos and María Conchita Alonso. The film received two 2001 Alma Award nominations for Best Television Film and Best Ensemble Actor; it also won the 2001 Imagen Award for Best Television Film.


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