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Ley de las Vegas

ley vegas2
ley vegas3

Direction: Nelson McCormick

Homer (William Forsythe) achieves his dream of owning a club in Las Vegas. Over time he manages to be granted the license to turn it into a casino, but one night, he goes to the defense of a young man and in the struggle he kills the attacker, a Colombian drug dealer.  The authorities declare him innocent of any charge, but luck is not compassionate, since the man he killed belongs to the Medellín cartel, seeing himself compromised in his attempt to achieve safety for himself and his family. 
It is the story of a man who struggles to correct this dangerous situation for his wife Theresa Rochettie (María Conchita Alonso) and daughter Jenny Rochetti (Anna Marie Berard); However, the strong pressure causes his wife and daughter to abandon him for their safety, since despite Homer's efforts, he is not allowed to find the support he longs for, and, finally, he must address the powers of evil, finding help in a childhood friend.

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