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"Il Cugino Americano"

Director: Giacomo Battiatto
Producer: Alessandro Fracassi
An elderly Sicilian-American businessman is kidnapped by the mafia, and to bring him back alive, his son Julian  (Brad Davis)  he must travel to Sicily and assassinate an honest judge who is a relative of his.
Julian Salinas hopes to befriend Juez Salinas (Tony Lo Bianco), who is very well protected, and then execute him. At first, he does what he is told, but, he soon agrees with the judge and starts giving trouble to Mark Ciuni (Vincent Spano) who planned the kidnapping. With his father's life on the line, he can't get the upper hand in this cat and mouse game, but when the old man turns up dead, all bets are off and he becomes the hunter.
Meanwhile, Cuini, a conceited and ambitious crime boss emerged from the ranks, has returned to Palermo to assassinate a judge and also to settle some accounts with the old Sicilian guard.
At the top of his list is the beautiful Caterina (María Conchita Alonso) who he once loved but married a man of influence. Ciuni does not take rejection well.  
The film features the beautiful and arid Sicilian landscape. The architecture is beautiful and in ruins of old walls that have stood a long time.


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