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He Matado A Mi Marido

Maria Conchita Alonso
Assumpta serna
Eduardo Yanez
Guy ecker
Gaby espino
Alicia machado
Rafael de la Fuente

Los Angeles, the Venezuelan Francisco Lupini Basagoiti, who after having experimented with a television series, several short films, and having been awarded the Director's Guild Award for the short "El Nido Vacío"; embarks on his first feature film: "I have killed my husband."

It is a comedy shot in Miami about a desperate woman who murders her unfaithful husband the morning before a big party to celebrate his Pritzker Prize. A few hours before the guests arrive, and the family nucleus at risk, the woman must survive the pain of betrayal and a night of celebration without being discovered that she killed her husband.

Our beautiful María Conchita, once again surprises us with all that she has left to give in the cinematographic genre with her talent, charisma, beauty and that spark that characterizes her, now she plays Remedios, the wife and Assumpta Serna, Berta, the maid.

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