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El Beso de la Mujer Araña

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"My first love is the cinema, but who knows, maybe I will fall in love with Broadway
and I stayed here many years "

Maria Conchita Alonso


Self-confidence, talent, steadfastness and determination brought our divine madwoman to Broadway. It is unforgivable to be in New York City and not attend a Broadway play or musical. These stagings are definitely  considered the best in the world.  

Our beautiful María Conchita Alonso's theatrical debut on Broadway was on March 20, 1995 with the musical "El Beso de la Mujer Araña", inspired by the novel by the late Argentine writer Manuel Puig.

Winner of seven Tony Awards, including Best Musical, Kiss of the Spider Woman explores the complex relationship between two men caged in a prison.

María Conchita replaced Vanessa Williams in the star role, being above all an actress, she gave a different, more dramatic nuance to the character of the spider woman, who kills her lovers just by kissing them.
In the novel, the character is the fruit of the imagination of Molina, a homosexual who shares a cell in an Argentine jail with a leftist militant named Valentín.

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