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brothers, 1985

Brothers - Cantaré, Cantarás (I Will Sing, You Will Sing)
Gender: Latin, Pop
Style: Vocal
Year: 1985


Cantaré, cantarás (I Will Sing, You Will Sing) is a 1985 song sung by several important Latin American artists, circumstantially united under the name of "Proyecto Hermanos." The song was composed by Albert Hammond and Juan Carlos Calderón, with lyrics by Anahí van Zandweghe.

This album was the Hispanic response to the American song We Are the World. At the time of its premiere, all Latin American television stations simultaneously broadcast a documentary, narrated by actor Ricardo Montalbán, of the recording of the song, and later the video of the song.  


Hermanos Cantaré, Cantarás (I Will Sing, You Will Sing)

Voices - Amanda Miguel, Antonio De Jesús, Apollonia, Basilio, Braulio, Celia Cruz, Charytin, Cheech Marin, Chiquetete, Claudia De Colombia, Danny Rivera, Diego Verdaguer, Emmanuel, Fernando Allende, Gal Costa, Guillermo Dávila, Irene Cara, Jose Feliciano, Jose  José, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Julio Iglesias, Lalo Schifrin, Lissette, Lucho Gatica, Lucia Mendez, Lupita D'Alessio, Manoella Torres, María Conchita Alonso, Menudo, Miami Sound Machine, Miguel Gallardo, Nydia Caro, Palito Ortega, Pedro Vargas, Pimpinela, Placido Domingo, Ramon Arcusa, Ricardo Montalban, Roberto Carlos, Rocio Jurado, Sergio Facheli, Simone, Sergio Mendes, Tony Renis, Valeria Lynch, Vicente Fernandez, Vikki Carr, Yuri
Written by A. Hammond, Anahi, JC Calderon

Herb Alpert African Flame
Written by H. Alpert, J. Barnes


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