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Explore with Us! (Key, Key, Where Can You Be?) - 1998
Share With Us! (My Crayons, My Crayons) - 1998
Imagine With Us! (The Imaginary Treasure) - 1998
Dance with Us! (Sock Hop and The Birthday Blah) - 2000
Sing with Us! - 2000

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Big Bag was a live-action puppet television show aimed at preschool-age viewers. The program was accompanied by puppets made by "The Jim Henson Company". It aired from 1996 to 1999 on Cartoon Network.
Troubles the Cat is the first fully original cartoon based on Latin characters to air in the United States. It was developed for television by Nina Elias-Bamberger, Jim Martin, Marie Poe, Luis Santeiro, and Nina Shelton. The group of children includes Marina, a six-year-old Latina, and her multicultural friends.
The sweet voice of the kitten Marina is performed by María Conchita Alonso, this kitten uses a "troublescope" to sniff out problems that develop in the group's relationships.
The show invites viewers at home to do the same, using their cardboard tubes as troublescopes "to see what the kids are really thinking and feeling." 24 episodes were made.


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