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El Beso del Vampiro

Escena Vampire´s Kiss
Escena Vampire´s Kiss
María Conchita Alonso y Nicolas Cage
Escena Vampire´s Kiss
Escena Vampire´s Kiss

Director: Robert Bierman
Writer: Joseph Minion


"Reality and fantasy are inseparably mixed"
Vampire's Kiss, entitled Besos de Vampiro in Spain and El beso del Vampiro en Hispanoamérica, is a dark humor film directed by Robert Bierman.
It has the participation of Nicolas Cage, María Conchita Alonso, Jennifer Beals,  Elizabeth Ashley, Kasi Lemmons, Bob Lujan, Jessica Lundy and Johnny Walker, among others.

The story tells the life of  an executive from a New York publishing house,  Peter Loew (Nicolas Cage), fond of nightlife and never sleeping with the same woman.  

Peter begins to behave very strangely as a result of the visit of a mysterious woman,  Rachel (Jennifer Beals), a pretty young woman who turns out to be a vamp with pretty legs.  He is obsessed with the idea that by biting his neck she is transforming him as well.

Peter's paranoia is increased by a bat that sneaks into his apartment every night.

His life begins to falter and he takes the opportunity to make life impossible for a secretary Alva Restrepo (María Conchita Alonso)  who has an almost irrational fear of men. This is a key character, since through her we see the "objective" version of the one played by Cage, as well as his progressive passage to madness.  

It is very interesting not knowing what events really happen and what things happen only in the unhinged head of the protagonist, since sometimes both are interspersed.

Nicolas Cage rated this character as one of his favorites:  

"Besos de Vampiro was almost like an independent laboratory where I began to realize some of my expressionist dreams with acting. Then I used what I learned in Besos de Vampiro to apply it in a large action movie with John's Face / Off. Woo. If you watch those movies, you'll notice what I stole from my performance in Vampire's Kiss. "


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