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Ligia Lezama





The telenovela "Angelito" by Ligia Lezama was recorded in Venezuela by RCTV, Channel 2 in 1981, interpreted by Amílcar Rivero as Angelito, María Conchita Alonso as Inés,  María Teresa Acosta the grandmother, Amalia Pérez Díaz as Mama Chepa and Carlos Olivier who was replaced by Raúl Amundaray.


Angelito tells the story of a poor boy who arrives from Maracaibo and that after his death his grandfather (Gustavo Rodríguez) is picked up by Mama Chepa's charity.


The mother Chepa was the mother of Carlos Olivier and he was the father of the girl Elizabeth. He and María Conchita fall in love.


Raúl Amundaray was there from the first chapter and he loved María Conchita. He was the counterpart, but after Olivier's dismissal (and his death in the novel) they turn the leading role towards Raúl and María Conchita falls in love with him.


The plot includes a gang of rascals led by Rosario Prieto and her husband who threaten to steal Angelito.

Among other actors, Leopoldo Regnaut was Angelito's uncle and Tatiana Capote was Raúl Amundaray's girlfriend.

Amilcar Rivero, Raúl Amundaray y Maria Conchita Alonso
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