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Creator: Marc Cherry

"Desperate housewives" became "Desperate housewives", while ABC and Univisión broadcast the Hispanic version of the series,  with the participation of  Ana Serradilla, Lorna Paz, Lucía Méndez, Scarlet Ortiz, Julieta Rosen, Gabriela Vergara,  Ricardo Dalmacci, Diego Bertie and Francisco Bass, among others.

The debut of Desperate Housewives, the Latin version of "Desperate Housewives", reached a tremendous rating on the competitive Thursday night (January 10, 2008, 10-pm), when it was seen by more than five million people in the United States, according to figures from Nielsen Media Research, a company dedicated to measuring audiences.


In this series, the actress and singer María Conchita Alonso returned to television in Spanish, who played Sofía, Susana Martínez's mother. She was accompanied by none other than José Luis Rodríguez. Since 1979, El Puma and María Conchita did not share credits. The Venezuelan singer-songwriter gave life to Adrián, father of Antonio Guerrero (Diego Bertie).

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