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Direction: Olegario Barrera

Country of origin: Venezuela
Channel: RCTV
Broadcast: February 9, 1994 - October 7, 1994
No. of episodes: 163
Original by: Delia Fiallo
Producer: Hernando Faria
Main theme: «Leather and silk» (María Conchita Alonso)
Other topics: Liar, With you I learned, We are Boyfriends (Interpreted by María Conchita Alonso)
Broadcast by: RCTV, Venezuela

Maria Conchita Alonso - Alejandra
Jorge Schubert - Luis José
Lucia Sanoja - Angelica Arenas
Marcos Campos - Guanipa
Ana Castell - Charity
Eduardo Gadea Pérez - Diogenes
Angelica Herrera - Rosalba
Felix Loreto - Porfirio
Esperanza Magaz - Ileana
Oswaldo Mago - Victor
Alicia Plaza - Morella
Rosario Prieto - Rosario
Cecilia Villarreal - Belén Martinez
Raúl Xiqués - Alejandro Antunez

"Alejandra" was a Venezuelan telenovela made by the television network Radio Caracas Televisión - RCTV, and starring María Conchita Alonso and Jorge Schubert, in 1994.

It was distributed internationally by RCTV Internacional and its associated producer Coral Pictures CA It is among the most successful telenovelas of this television network in the world, broadcast with good audience levels in 68 nations, with special mention in the United States, Puerto Rico, Panama, Colombia , Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Spain and Italy.  

María Conchita Alonso returned to soap operas after twelve years shooting in Hollywood, and Jorge Schubert, forged in film and theater, debuted as a leading man.

Alejandra Martínez is a beautiful and intelligent woman who has dedicated her life to her medical profession in an effort to overcome her tormented and humble background, and prove to herself and those around her that she can contribute to society without the need for to be filled with children who become a burden and obstacles to overcome, as happened to her mother, Caridad Martínez, who had 5 children of different men, believing that a man could save her from loneliness, and each one abandoned her to her own luck, including Alejandra's father.  

After a year of medical internships and social work in rural areas of her country, Alejandra returns to her family's working-class neighborhood in western Caracas. He gets a job at the local hospital, where he will confront the director, the famed surgeon Alejandro Antúnez  (Raúl Xiqués), revealing that she is his illegitimate daughter, determined to prove to him that she does not need him to succeed in life.  

On her return, she is devastated that nothing has changed in her family.  

Caridad, his mother, has joined a man who has a serious drinking problem; Chucho, his brother, is a criminal, and his sister, Rosalba, continues to sacrifice herself for everyone. It was precisely she who paid for his studies.  

Alejandra's presence causes a great impact on the life of Dr. Antúnez; the daughter he had forgotten is now an intelligent and capable doctor, renewing his sense of pride.  

Everyone seems to respect the young doctor's abilities, except for Dr. Luis José Báez (Jorge Schubert), a brilliant young intern who has arrived from Argentina, and who is equally known for his machismo and for being a womanizer.  

The attraction between Alejandra and Luis José will be hidden by the constant conflicts they have, but love will reach its fullness between them. 

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