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Venganza al Medio Día

Director: Rod Hardy

Released on August 20, 2000, the film tells the story of a law enforcement officer named Will Kane (Tom Skerritt) who just married his young girlfriend, Amy (Sussana Thompson), promising to leave his dangerous career and settle down for a quiet life; However, when they are about to leave, an assassin that Kane had sent to prison the previous year, comes to town on the noon train in search of revenge.

Kane tries to rally the city to fight, but not even his former MP Harvey (Reed Diamond) is willing to help. Harvey's cowardice infuriates his girlfriend, Helen (María Conchita Alonso), whose romantic past with both Kane and the arriving gunman convinces her to pack her bags and get out of town.  

As the dreaded noon hours approach, Kane realizes that he must be alone against the coming storm.


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